Online UUID Generator

Online UUID Generator
UUID generator online tool

Our free online UUID Generator creates secure UUIDs. You can use it to make different types of UUIDs: UUID Version-1, UUID Version-2 (for security), UUID Version-3, UUID Version-4, or UUID Version-5.

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UUID Version-1 Generator

This tool creates unique identifiers using two key parts: the current time and a device’s MAC address.

  • Time Component: It uses the nanoseconds since October 15, 1582. Since measuring in nanoseconds isn’t common in computers, a random number is added to keep each UUID unique.
  • Node Identifier (MAC Address): Normally, the last 12 characters of a UUID would be the MAC address of the device. However, for privacy and security, our generator might use a random MAC address instead.

UUID Version-2 Generator: DCE Security

This generator is designed to meet DCE Security standards and includes specific details on the creation of the UUID.

  • MAC Address: Uses the unique identifier of the device creating the UUID.
  • Lossy Timestamp: Includes a timestamp showing when the UUID was made, but it’s not perfectly precise.
  • Account ID: Adds an account ID, like a user or group ID from the computer, providing extra context.

UUID Version-3 Generator

This tool creates stable and unique identifiers based on a name or value and a namespace identifier.

How It Works

You input a name and a namespace identifier into a hash function, which processes them to create a fixed-length number. This number then becomes the UUID.

  • Namespace Identifier: A special code that marks a category or group. You can use predefined categories or create your own.
  • Consistency: The output is always the same if the inputs are the same, making it reliable for applications needing consistent identifiers.

UUID Version-4 Generator

A tool for creating UUIDs randomly, which is the most common method used for generating unique identifiers.

  • Randomness: Creates UUIDs with a vast number of possibilities, ensuring each one is unique.
  • Applications: Great for general use, including in games like Minecraft, or on Microsoft systems where they are known as GUIDs.

UUID Version-5 Generator

Similar to Version-3, but uses the SHA1 hashing algorithm. It’s designed for scenarios where you need consistent and non-random identifiers.

  • Input String and Namespace: You provide an input string and a fixed UUID for the namespace. These are used to generate the UUID.
  • SHA1 Hashing: This method ensures that UUIDs generated with the same inputs are identical, providing reliability and consistency.

Our UUID Generator creates unique identifiers in several ways, each suited to different needs. Versions 1 and 2 use elements like time and MAC addresses, sometimes adding extra details such as account IDs for more privacy or relevance.

Versions 3 and 5 produce stable UUIDs by hashing inputs, meaning they always give the same UUID for the same input. Version 5 uses a SHA1 hash, which is more reliable.

Version 4 generates UUIDs based on randomness, making it very versatile for various uses. Each version has a unique method to ensure UUIDs are unique and useful in different tech settings.

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